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As senior construction debt costs rise in conjunction with the limited number of available construction lenders, flexible “gap” capital continues to play an increasing role in construction projects across the U.S. The highlighted investor is an insurance company seeking multifamily and industrial development projects in growing, non-core markets that need leverage up to 75%. Their capital is structured as mezzanine debt with a minimum check size of $10MM, and a 11.0-12.5%, fully accrued, fixed rate (no current payment is required.) The investor aims to find capable mid-market sponsors needing competitively priced capital to bridge the shortfall in their development deals’ capital structures where senior loans are inadequate.

Capital TypeMezzanine Construction Debt
GeographyNationwide – Heavily focused on the non-core and secondary markets
Property TypesTraditional Multifamily, Student Housing, Industrial, and Retail (selectively).
Use of FundsUses of funds can be flexible; will fund acquisition and construction with appropriate interest reserves and market sponsor fees. Will also consider imputed equity from land contributions, assuming appropriate support of “market” value.
ConstructionExclusively Ground Up Construction
Mixed UseWill consider mixed-use projects
SponsorshipLooking to fund sponsors with relevant experience. Ideally seeking sponsors with an established team and long history of success. However, they will work with “newer” developers if the appropriate team has been assembled and there is strong deal history demonstrated with past teams/jobs.
RecourseNon-Recourse with completion guarantee, and standard “bad-boy” carve-outs. No interest guarantee required.
Check Size$10MM to $45MM
Loan to Value75% LTC; 65-70% LTV on a stabilized basis (subject to underwriting criteria)
Sponsorship Equity ContributionMay consider imputed equity as part of the sponsor’s equity contribution. However, they must verify with strong comp support. Otherwise, will look for cash equity from the sponsor and/or investors.
Interest Rate11.0% – 12.5% (fixed rate)
Origination Fees1.5% at closing ** No exit fees or asset management fees
Payment StructureFull PIK (“paid in kind”; accrued rate) with no current payments
Term2–3-year initial term plus extensions
Prepayment Structure24-month minimum interest period is typical
Underwriting RequirementsStabilized 1.0-1.1x DSCR
Collateral Requirements2nd mortgage, and/or Perfected Pledge of equity
Intercreditor RequirementsYes.
DepositsMarket standard deposit required upon signing of term sheet to fund appraisal, environmental, title, legal. ** deposits are subject to deal size.
Closing Time Frame30-60 days
Approval ProcessIf all required underwriting information is available, a committee-approved term sheet may be turned around in approximately two weeks.


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